Cleaning Tips for Allergy Sufferers in Austin, TX

by Modern Maids - July 19, 2021

Itchy nose, red eyes, headaches, endless sneezing…those of us who suffer from allergies know how bad they can be.

Even with the changes in seasons and different sources of allergies, you can avoid the worst of your allergy symptoms with regular cleanings. Especially if these cleanings are targeting allergens.

Regular, routine cleanings from a professional Austin maid service focus on disinfecting, vacuuming carpets, dusting furniture, and making the home look nice. While this might help your allergies, it’s often not enough.

For our Austin clients with the worst allergies, we’ll take it one step further with a focus on getting rid of dust, pollen, pet dander, and anything else that might trigger symptoms.

Here’s how you can clean your home for more allergy relief, no matter the season.

What are the most common allergies in your house?

Back up a minute, before we get to the process of getting rid of allergies…let’s discuss how they start. Allergy symptoms are triggered when your immune system reacts to a foreign substance that it thinks is a threat.

This could be anything from cockroaches (gross) to normal food items (aka the dreaded peanut allergy).

Here are some common allergy triggers for Austin, TX residents:

1. Dust Mites

Miniature, microscopic insects that cause inflammation, coughing, and wheezing? Sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi movie…but it’s actually dust mites. These little guys can wreak havoc on someone with allergies. Thankfully, dust mites can be removed through routine vacuuming and air purification.

2. Pet Dander

We love our pets…but the hair, dirt, dust particles, and pollen they track in? Not so much. Not only does it make our homes dirtier, but dander from pets can also trigger allergies. If you suffer from allergies, make sure to vacuum and clean floors regularly to get rid of these kinds of allergens.

3. Seasonal allergies

Spring weather is usually the culprit, but did you know that allergies can happen in any season? It just depends what the allergy is. However, for pollen sufferers (a very common allergy here in Austin), spring is the hardest time of year. Since pollen travels in the air, cleaning windows, doorways, and floors is crucial to protecting against seasonal allergies.

4. Mold

Mold is a scary one. It can cause allergies, yes, but long-term mold exposure can also lead to asthma or respiratory problems down the line. Mold thrives in wet, cool environments with high humidity (think the shower, basements, etc.). It releases spores into the air to spread, and can become a problem for years (or even decades) down the line if left untreated.

5. Food Items

Peanuts, soy, gluten…these allergies can’t be solved with cleaning (unless you’ve just discovered it, then you’ll want to clean out your fridge ASAP), but they can be dangerous. If you are allergic to something edible, keep it outside of your house and be wary of eating out to protect yourself.

Ok so this is what they are…but how do we get reduce allergies?

Cleaning tips that get rid of common allergens

Having an allergy can be rough, but the good news? Basic, routine cleaning can help you remove allergens from the home.

Start with these cleaning techniques to keep allergens out.


Vacuuming is always good cleaning practice, but during the allergy season? Vacuuming is a must. If you’re allergic to pollen or dust, you may need to vacuum once or twice a day to really get the benefits of it. For double the value, look for a vacuum with a HEPA filter that works to both clear dust and pollen from your home and filter the air.

Beat mattresses

This might feel like a dated technique, but pulling carpets and mattresses outside to beat them with a broom handle can rid them of dust, debris, and all kinds of allergy triggers. You probably won’t need to do this all the time, but it’s good to add in as a an added form of protection when you do a deep cleaning.

Wash clothes & bedding frequently

Pollen and other particles that cause allergies can get trapped in cloth. To reduce your exposure, especially during spring or fall weather when seasonal allergies are rampant, make sure to strip the bed and wash clothing, sheets, comforters, pillows, curtains, and even hair more regularly than you normally would. Always use warm or hot water when you clean bedding or clothes for allergy pruposes.

Dusting off surfaces & under clutter

A simple equation to remember for your allergies:

More dust = Worse allergy reaction

Keeping surfaces clean will reduce your sneezing and give you an overall health boost.

**Bonus tip: it’s easier to vacuum, dust, and keep your indoor rooms clean if you reduce clutter.

Disinfecting The Shower (and other wet areas)

Mold thrives in wet environments, so the bathroom is an easy target. To get rid of it, you’ll want to scour the shower tiles, bathtub, and sink with warm water and bleach (or, for a more eco-friendly alternative, white vinegar).

Other Tips To Keep Allergens Out Of Your Home

When it comes to getting allergens out of a home, cleaning is only half the battle. The other half? Preventing them from coming in and removing them from the air.

  • HEPA filters – Airborne particles are hard to get rid of, unless you invest in a high quality fan or purifier with HEPA filters. This type of filter has been proven to be more effective against the average allergen, and can help keep your home free from spores and other microscopic triggers.
  • Keep windows closed – Keep airborne spores outside your home by keeping your windows closed during allergy-inducing weather (and turning on your indoor fans with filters).
  • Add in a humidifier or dehumidifier as needed – Dry, hot heat can irritate allergy symptoms and damp, cool air can grow mold. The first step in keeping your indoor environment safe is to adjust the moisture in the air.
  • Consider treatment – If you’ve cleaned your home from top to bottom, put measures in place to fight against mold, pollen, or other allergens…and you’re still feeling sick, it might be time to consider treatment. It could be as simple as a hot steam in a shower to relieve symptoms or as extreme as prescription medications…talk to your doctor and decide what’s best for you.

If you’re one of the many Austin residents suffering from spring allergies…we’ve got your back. Modern Maids is happy to provide local cleaning services specific to your needs, from allergy-ridding or spring cleaning, to moving-in to a new home (or moving out), our maid service will make sure that your Austin home is a clean and healthy safe-haven for you any time of year.

Allergy sufferers: we’re here to help. Talk to a member of our expert team today to learn how a Modern Maids house cleaning or apartment cleaning can protect you from allergies, mold, and other health concerns.

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