Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

by Modern Maids - March 8, 2020

When it starts getting a little warm, you know it’s time to open the windows as well as your cleaning supplies cabinet to prepare for the changing weather. Come March, and you have a tough task to start with spring cleaning. The thought of doing it all alone seems to be weighing on you. However, we have some easy spring cleaning tips to make life a little easier.

Start with the doormat

Perhaps it is the rug lying at the entrance that bears the brunt of outside dirt, dust, and all bad things. So It is a good idea to start with the cleaning of the doormat and keep your frontline functioning at peak efficiency.

One smart way to keep the house clean from foot traffic is to use two door mats to trap more dirt. Place one inside and one outside. When spring cleaning, hose off and vacuum both mats and they will be as fresh as new.

Clean up windows

When spring sets in, you want to open up those windows for a whiff of fresh air. But the windows keep collecting dirt and dust during the winter season. Wait for a cloudy day to clean it up inside out. Before starting up with the window spring cleaning task, raise the blinds or shades.

Use a glass cleaner to remove spots and smudges. Remove and wipe screens outside. A steam cleaner with a squeegee is a powerful weapon to effectively clean windows.

When you choose to wash windows with a microfiber cloth on a rainy day, there won’t be any sun to dry the cleanser. Then lower the blinds and dust with a duster before vacuuming shades and drapes.

Upholstery cleaning

It is no surprise that fabrics tend to absorb a lot of oil, dirt, and germs with regular use. In winters, when cleaning is occasional, a lot of dirt and dust deposits on carpets, rugs, and sofa, among other upholstery. They need deep cleaning to be ready for another year.

Shampoo the carpet and rugs. One of the spring cleaning secrets is to move furniture slightly as opposed to stacking it against the wall. Rather, use a small wax paper underneath each leg of the furniture after shampooing. The idea is to protect the furniture from getting wet when the carpet dries.

Spring clean the curtains

Curtains hide a lot of dust. A sticky lint roller is a handy tool to clean dirt from the drapes. But if you are looking for spring cleaning tips for a deeper clean, you need to remove curtains and hooks. Run everything in the dryer with a damp towel and hang them immediately.

Cleanup the Walls

If you do not find cleaning the walls interesting, here are some smart spring cleaning tricks to spruce up the walls. You may choose either whole wall cleaning or spot cleaning. You need a double-sided sponge for spot cleaning, while a damp cloth should work best for whole wall cleaning. Smart housekeepers like to add water to the cleaning products to make grease and grime removal easier.

Wall cleaning is incomplete without wiping down the doors. It would be a big mistake to forget cleaning the handles that collect germs and dust. Wipe germs off the handles with a homemade solution of baking soda and vinegar and keep your family safe.

Kitchen cleaning made easier

Kitchens get dirty in no time. Even a minor neglect can make them dirtier. To clean up all the mess, you do not want to wait until spring, right? One of the easiest spring cleaning tips to keep your kitchen spruced up is to clear away the clutter as soon as you see it. Remember, a kitchen can easily attract germs. An unclean kitchen is the place for germs to proliferate.

It’s a good idea to sprinkle some baking soda and vinegar to get rid of the gunk and odor every week. Besides, you should make it a habit to regularly vacuum the fridge vents and condenser coils. This should be done each month. Clean up any spills and oven messes right away.

Use a mild soap for cleaning the cabinets. This should be a monthly practice.

Clean up the floors

You won’t mind robot vacuum for spring cleaning your floors, right? Cleaning up dirt on floors is crucial for a spruced up look. A robot vacuum is the right way to clear up the dust and mop without lifting a finger. Invest in robot vacuums with HEPA filters. The idea is to keep dust, dirt, and allergens from floating in the air.

The Desktop needs a deep clean

One of the most overlooked devices when it comes to spring cleaning is your desktop. The keyboard attracts a lot of dust over a period of time. Blow compressed air into the desktop to deep clean the system. Use a wipe to wipe clean the screen and keyboard to prepare your computer for spring.

More Spring Cleaning Tips

  • Throw toys and stuffed animals in the washing machine.

  • Wash baseboards, trims, and switch plates and doors.

  • Vacuum and clean the ceiling light.

  • Dust frames and decorations.

Thanks to these easy spring cleaning tricks, you can easily get rid of the dust and dirt in your abode. Welcome the spring season with a smile once your home is fully spruced up.