How To Create More Storage Space At Home

by Modern Maids - June 15, 2021

Do you feel overwhelmed with the limited storage space at home? Worry not, there are unique storage ideas for small spaces. With little creativity, you can increase storage in limited space. That means you can still organize your home better with some creative storage ideas. When your home is organized better it makes the house cleaning more manageable as well. A win win scenario for the cleaners of the house.

How To Create More Space In Your Home

Reduce the clutter

Yes, you have read it right. First things first, get rid of the clutter to create more storage space in your home. Clutter drains energy, and it is a waste of time too. Spare some time every month to declutter your habitat to maximize storage space. However, you do not want to deal with all the mess in one go. Go room-by-room. An uncluttered space reveals itself and looks tidy and large.

Maximize prime storage

When you are looking for clever storage ideas for small houses, you want to maximize your prime real estate. What is prime space? Well, it is the space between your knees and shoulders or something that is the easiest to reach. The goal is to bring things before the visual eye because if something is out of plain sight, you tend to forget about it. So you want to store most frequently used items in visual sight.

Storage boxes

Bring home some additional cabinets or floating shelves that can easily fit in somewhere. You can store seasonal outfits under your bed in containers or storage boxes. A dust ruffle will hide the storage boxes from public view. What more do you want?

Buy an Ottoman to fit in extra pillows, books, and blankets. It’s easy to access and equally functional, adding up extra sitting space along with storage. Choose an Ottoman that matches with the feel of your home’s setting. What’s more, an ottoman even seconds as a coffee table.

Build tall cabinets that touch the ceiling

When you are still pondering as to how to create storage space in a small house, make use of the walls and install cabinets that touch the ceiling. This will give you extra room to store less frequently used stuff.

Wire pantry shelves are a great storage solution where you cannot fit in full-depth shelves. These make a perfect space-saving solution and aren’t just for pantry.

Behind the door storage

Perhaps you cannot ignore the space behind a door. When you are looking for ways as to how to create more space in your home, the behind-the-door spots cannot be overlooked. Think of the plethora of options you have with the doors in your abode. Seriously, doors can double up as storage units, where you can hide whatever you want to.

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Houses

  • Choose bunk beds in children’s room to give them more storage space to hide their toys. It also frees up the floor space for play.
  • Install a full length mirror on the door of your wardrobe so you do not need a separate dresser. This ensures your room appears larger too.
  • Use the passageway to accommodate extra storage. The hollow area under the stairs gives you plenty of space to install extra shelves for storage.
  • Add drawers under the dining table to store cutlery and table mats.
  • Add abundant storage in the walls by mounting floating shelves. These storage ideas for small spaces on a budget are perfect for home office, kitchen, and kid’s room.
  • The walls have plenty of space to store stuff in a kitchen in a small home. It is easy to set up a pegboard where you can hang frequently used utensils or a hanging pot rack. You may even use the space to hang an open shelf that will add visual appeal and make the space appear tidy. Built-in wall storage works as a showcase for accessories.
  • Install wire racks inside the cabinet to increase storage space and make your kitchen look bigger and cleaner.
  • Build pull-down racks under the cabinets to get instant access to essentials. These are great storage solutions for a small kitchen. Think of storage options and you can easily reduce the clutter in your kitchen with such creative space-saving solutions. You may buy ready-made racks or customize a wooden rack for holding knives and other knick-knacks that take up counter space.

If you are still struggling with storage ideas for small spaces on a budget, let Modern Maids professionals assist you. We are cleaning and organizing specialists with decades of experience in creating unique storage ideas for small spaces. What are you looking for?