How to maximize space in your home

by Modern Maids - December 31, 2020

If you live in a studio apartment, you’re struggling with storage space issues. But with a little creativity, you can stylishly solve the space problem. You can increase small apartment storage by utilizing every nook and cranny. To create more space it helps to start by cleaning your home. The experts at Modern Maids a house cleaning Austin service have said cleaning your home will make the space look 20% bigger.  Let’s see how to maximize space in a small house and make it feel larger while maintaining style.

Small Space Ideas for Storage


The first step begins with clearing the clutter. You do not want unneeded stuff to block some precious real estate in your home, right? When you start to de-clutter, you will find a lot of stuff that you have been unnecessarily holding on to for ages. Clearing it up should give you some space to cherish.

Reduce visual clutter

The best way to increase some space in your small apartment is to reduce the visual clutter. Start with organizing books by size and color. It may not hurt to invest in storage baskets to keep the no-so-frequently used stuff. Baskets will carry plenty of stuff in them while adding to the visual appeal of the small space.

Choose pocket doors

You may want to opt for pocket doors with glass windows when you are struggling for space in a studio apartment. Such glass doors will improve visual space by allowing shared light to flow through. Better still, these doors slide right into the wall and take less space.

Find double duty stuff

When you want to maximize space in a small apartment, choose pieces that serve multiple purposes. Choose furniture that serves double purpose. For example, invest in a table that doubles up as a desk and dining table. Buy cubes that enhance the appeal of a guest room and turn into bonus seats when guests are around.

Think up

There is a lot of vertical space that you can take advantage of in a small apartment. Look for options that can perform double duty. You want something that would double up as a workspace and an organizational tool, maximizing storage and display potential.

Floating shelves are a great storage space organizer for a small house. Place some storage baskets on top of the floating shelves to keep them from looking cluttered.

Think down

While the walls have a lot of storage potential, do not ignore the under the bed space alternative. Bring baskets that can easily fit in under the four corners of the bed and you have an easy storage solution in a small apartment.

Wall-mounted display shelf

Here is one of the easiest small space storage ideas to maximize space in a small apartment. Invest in a wall mounted shelf where you can install a clothing rod to hang hats and coats. The display shelf makes a good storage solution at the entryway. It is an equally good option for the kitchen and bathroom.

Nesting baskets

Investing in a set of pretty baskets is a good storage idea for a small space. Consider putting the baskets on a bookshelf for extra storage and visual appeal. They can easily fit under a coffee table. These baskets are easy to stack one over another, thus minimizing space and maximizing appeal.

Cabinet door organizer

There are many places in a small apartment where a cabinet door organizer can fit in. Start with the kitchen. The best thing about such an organizer is that it saves space in the cabinet and can easily fit in. You can use the cabinet door organizer to hold any number of knives.

Look under the kitchen sink. There is a lot of space that can easily hide some stuff, from plastic bags to cleaning supplies.

Behind the door storage

The door offers plenty of options to store knick-knacks. Ordinary coat hooks can safely store your ironing board. You could even hang your trash can behind the cabinet door in the bathroom to hide unattractive trash.

This idea works in kitchen storage as well, where you can leverage the behind-the-door space for storing pots and pans and measuring spoons.

What’s more, the small apartment storage idea is a great way to give a home to the cords and chargers that are often found cluttering the desk and bed.

It will keep the cable clutter away.

If you are still wondering how to maximize space in a small house, talk to the experts. Modern Maids are professionals in the cleaning and organizing niche. Let us help you maximize space in your small apartment.