How to Organize Small Spaces

by Modern Maids - April 6, 2020

If you are short on space, does that mean you cannot enjoy an impeccably organized home? Of course not, there are ways to organize small spaces. Organizing the clutter will surely help. By being a little creative, you can make even the tiniest of spaces look big. The first step in organizing any space is to un-clutter the mess. Donate anything that you do not use. If you haven’t used anything for two years, chances are you were never use it again. So why clutter the space with unwanted stuff?

Small Space Organizing Tips

Think of doors

Perhaps there is a lot of storage space behind the doors. This is one area in your home that you often tend to underestimate. You may throw a few hooks to hang up totes and bags. Additionally, you may look for a storage rack to hang on the back of the pantry door. This is where you can store spices and condiments that take up room on your pantry shelves.

Over-the-door racks make excellent shoe storage spaces. You may store cleaning supplies, toiletries, and small toys on these door racks.

Think of vertical space

If you do not have much floor space, worry not. You can utilize as much vertical space as required to organize things. Utilize the vertical space from the floor to the ceiling to store your stuff. Build shelves on empty walls. They take up less space and make amazing storage corners.

It is a good idea to buy stackable containers to organize pantry items, such as flour, cereal, and sugar, which do not easily fit in kitchen cabinets.

When you have floor space constraints, go high. Get the vertical storage with a shelf to stack your favorite books. All you need to do is install a few brackets along with a piece of plywood in your bedroom, living area, or wherever you need storage space.

Use Kitchen space

Another small space organizing tip is to install kitchen appliances in the cabinetry to save legroom and clear up the countertop. Besides, you may store countertop items in trays and canisters to make your small space look organized.

Install hooks on the walls or behind doors to hang pots and pans in the kitchen. Apart from this, you can use these hooks to hang glasses. If you are a little creative, hang those mugs to add a little style to the space while saving cabinet space.

Put that dead space to use

In every home, there is bound to be some dead space in the form of nooks and crannies. When looking for small space organizing tips, it is a great idea to get creative and optimize the little area of dead space. Maximize such hidden spaces with a DIY solution for hanging systems, command hooks, and tasteful storage boxes.

A corner shower caddy can easily store different products, such as tools, laundry, and accessories.

Fold and store

Stacking folded clothes consumes a lot of space. Folding the clothing is a great idea to create room in your drawers. The idea is to place the folded cloths vertically in drawers to save space and see clothes at once.

Use existing storage

While you are looking for ways to organize small space, chances are you have some existing storage space that has been overlooked. Check those drawers, desks, closets, and dressers and recreate them to fit your storage needs. The idea is to make the most of the existing space.

Use modular shelves

A modular shelving system can add extra space for stuff that doesn’t find a home inside the closet. Opt for a color that matches the walls that would ensure that they do not take up a lot of visual space.

Display the prettiest items in the open. Hang accessories on the brackets. Shower hooks are ideal for hanging totes.

Go over the bed

One of the trendiest ways to organize small space is to create a cool headboard over the bed with shelving. You will simply love the idea for its utility. Use it for keeping the stuff you use often.

Choose furniture wisely

When deciding the type of furniture you want, choose functional pieces. Go for furniture with raised legs. This creates the impression of visual space.

In order to organize small space, choose mirrors and glass to brighten a small space. It is a good idea to place furniture in the center of the room to create the impression of space.

Go crazy with dividers

Small space organizing gets easier with room dividers. The taller the better. You may either choose white curtains that hang from the ceiling down to the floor or opt for traditional dividers that stand tall from the ground. Dividing the room amounts to making a space multi-functional.

Create an office space

If there is any unused corner in your living room, it is a good idea to utilize it as office space. Look for a small desk that can fit in the space, and you have your beautiful office nook right in your room. Another space that can be put to use for an office is the space under the stairs. There are an umpteen number of storage space ideas to put this space to use.

These small space organizing tips can make life a little easier for you and make it appear large.