How to Treat Your Housekeeper – An Etiquette Guide

by Modern Maids - May 3, 2022

Your relationship with your housekeeper is determined by how you treat them. When people are in a position of authority over others, they think they are entitled and above the other person. It’s a sad fact that maids or domestic helpers are often regarded as lower in a household just because the family is the employer and the helpers are the employees. Truth is, it’s a mutual relationship wherein the house owner pays the housekeepers in exchange for their professional services. So, the housekeepers don’t owe the employers anything. If more, the employers owe the maids because they are receiving valuable services in return. 

Hiring a housekeeper is a fantastic method to keep your home in good shape and free up time for you to participate in other events and activities. However, if you’ve never had a cleaner before, you might not know how to act in their presence. It’s a new experience for both you and your house service provider. You’re not alone in wondering how to make it enjoyable for both of you. You need your maid just as much, if not more, than they need the job with you. Again, it’s a mutual relationship wherein you both get something from each other. You wouldn’t want to keep on changing maids just because you don’t get along, or because they keep on leaving you after not being treated right. You should aim to keep a good and reliable housekeeper for long-term employment because the longer they stay with you, the more trust you have with each other. They also get to learn the ropes at your household better through time, which means less mistakes on their part.

Here are a few pointers on maid etiquette that you should keep in mind to avoid an awkward or unpleasant situation with your housekeeper or house cleaning service provider.

4 Things to Remember When Treating Your Housekeeper Properly

  1. Get rid of clutter before cleaning day.

What’s going on here? Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

Well, not entirely, but there are a few things you can do to help them do their job more efficiently. First, gather your mail; you should not stew it over the house. To clean the tables, the housekeeper will need to pick everything up and move it, so it’s best to have everything neatly piled or put away before she arrives. Clear the clutter behind nightstands and move pet toys out of the way to make vacuuming easier. While dusting and cleaning, move any small objects that can cause the housekeeper problems out of the path.

Here, you are trying to make things a little easier for your maid by doing the easy, small tasks that you can do on your own. Don’t let your maid come to your house looking like a zoo. You should let them focus on cleaning tasks that are hard or require more time to accomplish.

You are also responsible for putting away valuable items. This is important to keep in mind especially if your relationship with your housekeeper is new. Although there have been a few instances where maids stole from their employers, it’s not a usual thing, especially for professional cleaners such as Modern Maids. However, if something very valuable gets lost, the housekeeper is the first to get blamed. What if you just honestly misplaced it? Avoid all the stress and hassle by putting away your valuables before they arrive at your place.

  1. Have a conversation with your housecleaner.

Your housekeeper doesn’t automatically know your personal preferences. You may want some objects cleaned specifically, and certain rooms require more attention. If you don’t tell your housekeeper about your preferences, they won’t be aware of them. Hence, you must have an open line of communication with your maid and offer them precise directions.

You don’t need to instruct them on how to clean everything, only your specific preferences. For example, if you like vacuum lines on the carpet or want goods stored in a specific manner, let the housekeeper know ahead of time. This is one reason why you should focus on developing a good long-term relationship with your housekeeper. They will learn your preferences through time and you won’t need to repeat your instructions again and again.

Many housekeepers have dozens of homes to clean each week, and each has its own unique set of instructions, so it may take a few trips for them to remember yours. If you have a rotating housekeeper, leaving pleasant, helpful comments can help remind them of your expectations.

  1. Should I give my housekeeper a tip?

Tipping is not obligatory, but it is always appreciated. Some customers tip every time a housekeeper cleans, while others tip only once in a while or around the holidays. Housekeepers genuinely care about their customers and strive to do better every time they tend to you. Consider leaving a tip if you appreciate their efforts. Alternatively, simply thanking them in writing, or even just verbally, lets them know that they’ve met your expectations and that you acknowledge their hard work. Treating them with kindness will also mean a lot to them, apart from giving a tip. 

  1. Be considerate of the housekeeper’s time.

Interacting with your housekeeper allows you to know your cleaner and vice versa. It’s good that you try to develop a friendly relationship with them. However, they have a job, and you are paying them to do it. They may fall behind schedule if they engage in extended conversation or sit down for refreshments. So while there’s nothing wrong with offering your housekeeper a drink or some company, it’s ideal for keeping it brief, so they don’t feel rushed as they clean your home. If they finish early or they say they have time to spare, feel free to bond with them more. Otherwise, be mindful of their schedule.

How Etiquette Can Help You and Your Housekeeper Get Along

When it comes to building a great relationship with your housekeeper, etiquette is crucial. Just like any relationship, there are a couple of social rules to keep in mind. Being considerate of your housekeeper and extending kindness will help keep them for the long-run.

Being courteous does not imply that you must tolerate sloppiness or substandard work. If you believe that your hired employee is not doing the job correctly, correct them immediately, but do not yell, scream, or become enraged while doing it. Talk calmly but firmly, giving constructive criticism and advice on how to do a better job next time and avoid making the same mistake.

At the end of the day, you both have to find common ground, effectively communicate your expectations, and discuss what may disappoint you so that your housekeeper is aware of how to work around the house and understand their limitations as well as your expectations of them.

Choosing Modern Maids 

You could feel awkward the first time or two a maid comes to your house. However, as the novelty wears off, you’ll feel more at ease. This etiquette guide can assist you in achieving that comfortable state much more quickly. 

Choose a reliable and trusted local cleaning services company to avoid disappointments, like Modern Maids! Give us a call if you’re still in the decision process about hiring a maid, want to know whether it fits into your budget, needs, or lifestyle, or if you have any inquiries regarding hiring a cleaning service. We guarantee that all our maids are trained to the highest level, equipped with complete tools and updated cleaning techniques for an efficient cleaning job. They are also friendly, approachable maids that will be more than happy to learn your requests and preferences! You can build good, long-standing relationships with them if you choose so.

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