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The process of moving out of a home is both an exciting and stressful experience. Some online forums have even had users say it was the most stressful experience of theirs. And this isn’t all that surprising. Making the move to leave a home you’ve been in is surely going to be taxing both physically and emotionally. With all the stress of packing all your belongings, making sure everything with your new home is settled, it is easy to make mistakes and run into some problems here are there. But if you’re from the Austin, Dallas, Houston or San Antonio area, you’re in luck. It isn’t every day that professionals can help you with both your move-out cleaning and your move-in cleaning, but that’s exactly what Modern Maids is here for.

Major Moving Mistakes

There are several mistakes that people commonly make when they’re moving in or out of a home. And the reality is that with Modern Maids, a lot of these issues will be the last thing on your mind. With a team of highly professional maids across Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio areas who provide great attention to detail and commitment to service, let us do the house cleaning for you can cater to your other needs and business.

You Don’t Have To Do It Yourself

DIYs are common when it comes to home improvement. This is usually because many consider doing it by themselves to mean the same as saving themselves money. But this isn’t always the case. Just as you would hire a carpenter to take down your walls, or an architect to make your blueprints, call an experienced maid to clean your home. It may seem like cleaning is something you can do by yourself but the reality is that with all the world you’ll need to be on top of as you’re moving in or out of your house, cleaning your kitchen drawers may be the last thing on your mind. Modern Maids provide a variety of services including deep cleaning that will make sure that all the areas of your home are spick and span for your move. This means that from the blinds in the living areas to tiles in the bathroom, everything will be clean and free of dust.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Out of… Pocket?

There is a lot of talk about being able to get your deposit back and how to get it with little to no deductions. This has probably been on your mind since you decided to move. But sometimes things that we don’t see, don’t remember, or just don’t mind may cause that dent in the deposit and even its withholding. This is one of the main reasons why a maid service may come in handy. Even if you have cleaned on your own and even if you’ve looked from top to bottom, bookshelf to baseboards, there is a possibility you’ve still missed something. Specialized cleaning services done by a team of professional cleaners will always catch something you haven’t. With Modern Maid’s knowledgable and well-trained maids, no matter the square footage, there is a service that will fit your house, location, and price just right. Common areas which most homeowners fail to check and clean are some of the most mundane of areas. Light fixtures, cabinets, blinds, and the inside and outside, the little nooks and crannies, that you, as the owner may overlook, will surely be cleaned as needed because this is the high-quality service Modern Maid promises.

Trust and Testimonials

It has been said that being too trusting is often a moving sin that is commonly committed. This is because people often opt for what is more affordable versus what may be a reputable service with a higher cost. This shouldn’t be the case. While it is good to save up on money where you can, it would be a waste to skip out on a cleaning service during a time like this. Time is money and it would be a waste of both time and money if you hire a less reputable brand when you’ve only judged by cost. This could be a fatal move as the service may not be up to par, and inviting someone you don’t know to clean your home may not be the best time for anyone involved. Modern Maids is proud of its cleaning services and the positive feedback we’ve received from previous clients. With our team of trusted and professional cleaners putting in the work, Austin TX, Houston TX, Dallas TX and San Antonio TX are one house closer to being the cleanest location on the map. Take a look at them yourselves to see how Modern Maids makes such that the service given is top quality and how you can trust us to take the time to clean and care for your ex or future home.

Self Saving Service

Not having to put in the hours of cleaning window sills and door frames yourself has surely saved you time, effort, and maybe even your sanity if you’re not the cleaning type. But have you considered that maybe the process goes beyond having a clean house or apartment? Deep cleaning services have a lot more benefits than making your house free of dust in an hour or two. A deep cleaning job versus a more normal weekly cleaning can protect you from hidden threats like dust mites, hidden odors, and of course germs and diseases that you may not have been initially aware of. Make the most of this moving opportunity not only to save yourself and your deposit, but also make moving into your new home relaxing, safe, and easy.

Modern Maids is committed to providing you the best maid service experience in the Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio area. Whether you need a move out cleaning on your house or move out apartment cleaning we’ve got you covered. From your door frames to your window sills, and even all the little hard-to-reach spots like the tops of cabinets, baseboards, and even light fixtures can be deep cleaned and rid of dust before you either pack or unpack your boxes. Easily book your Modern Maids service on their website, mobile app, or via a landline.

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